This years Two Bridges Race was a real treat for all the sports fans. Among the participants were last years winner Ibrahim Mukunga Wachira from Kenya, Estonias best ballistic runner Tiidrek Nurme and Roman Fosti, who just returned from Bejing’s World Championships with a Olympic Games participants pass.

The first place of Two Bridges Race went to Tiidrek Nurme (time 30.09,8), the second place went to Roman Fosti (time 30.15,7) who represented Stamina Arcotransport Team and the third place went to Sergei Tserepannikov (time 30.24,4).

The winner in womens ranking was latvian Jelena Prokopcuka (time 33.33,3), who also won the race last year, second place went to Jekaterina Patjuk (34.06,7) , who represented UT Academic Sports Club and the third place went to russian Natallija Sokolova (time 35.24,5). Naiste võitjad

The official results with a downloadable diploma of Two Bridges Race will be published not later than 11. September on Two Bridges Club website