On September 7th, in cooperation with Two Bridges race, Endla Theatre opens its new, 104. season. The new season brings exciting new plays, new actors and actresses.

Endla’s Costume Drama is a spirited costume race with an aim to add actractiveness and fun to Two Bridges race. Costumed participants are welcomed to Two Bridges race, nordic walk and wheelchair race. The best costume wins a free invitation to all Endla Theatre’s next season premiers. 

Kairi Himanen

In addition, Endla’s singing actors and actresses give free concerts, where they sing known songs from Endla’s plays. The children songs concert is on September 6th and 7th. The concerts manager is Priit Loog.

The main concert is on September 7th. The actors and actresses sing songs from the plays “Last cowboy”, “Testosterone” and “Boyband”. The conserts guest star is Koit Toome.

Priit Loog

On September 7th, all theatre enthusiast have the opportunity to take a peek to Endla Theatre’s backstage. The tour leaders are Endla’s actors and actresses.

If you don’t have a costume of your own, don’t worry,  you can rent one from Endla’s costume rental.