Dear participant,

Thank you for registering for the Pärnu Victory Day Marathon/Half marathon. To make it a pleasant event for you, the OC informs you of the following.

Please be aware that your medical condition and shape is sufficient to enter long distance running. You should observe the weather forecast of the event day and ensure for yourself convienent apparel and gear. Your bright-coloured cap and carried-in apparel is fine for distance running. To prevent the sunburn, please use the UV-protection cream provided at the event centre.

1) Dressing

Is possible at the event centres. Please follow the signposts.

2) Time keeping
An electronic time keeping chip is attached to the back side of the bib. Please check it before the start! The number must be visible throughout the whole race. Please do not fold the number nor remove the chip! The chip deactivates automatically after finishing the race and it is not need to return it.

3) Transportation of personal belongings
You can leave your bag to a luggage room (i.e. bus) by showing and registering your starting number. The belongings are transported to the finish area, in front of Pärnu Hotel, and can be picked up from there. Please follow the signposts.

4) Foodservice
Marathon: There are 12 service points on the track where sports drink (blue cup), water (white cup) and energy-rich snacks are offered. After finishing there is catering for the participants.

Half Marathon: There are 6 service points on the track where sports drink, water and energy-rich snacks are offered. After finishing there is catering for the participants.

5) Medals and diplomas
Medals will be handed out just after your finishing at the finish straight. Your electronical diploma may be printed out after the race on

6) Washing facilities
At Pärnu Kuninga Basic School (Pärnu Kuninga Tänava Põhikool), located at Kuninga 29, Pärnu Washing facilities are open until 21.30.

7) Medical aid
Your health will be monitored by The Ambulance Pärnu, In case of urgent matters, please, call 112. It is strongly recommended to fill the blank of your personal data on the rear side of your numberbib.

8) Extra services at the finish area

It is possible for extra to buy your massage and medal-engraving service at the finish area. The sports gear brand Saolomon opens their pop-up shop and offers you many great deals.

Your Organizing Committee