Luitejooks_medalOn April 21st, Dune Race that takes place in Häädemeeste parish, Rannametsa village, is a spring announcer for both Pärnu Two Bridges Club and Pärnu County.

Season launch event will bring people from the city to Luitemaa, where the pine-tree trail offers beautiful scenery and a sporting challenge for everyone. Torni- and Tõotusemägi on the trail are the highest dunes in Estonia. Traditionally the schedule includes both race and Nordic walking (8.3 km), children’s races and canicross for pet lovers (both 8.3 km and a 5.4 km distance).

For the first time, all finishers (except children) will be rewarded with a special race medal.

“At the request of participants a specially designed medal is included in the finisher package, which gives a tangible bonus to all finishers in addition to emotions. The beautiful medal is more and more desired and there are numerous sports lovers who are collecting them from different races,” said Vahur Mäe, chief organizer of the race.

Dunce Race medal is the first one of the season, but in addition to Two Bridges Race, the trophies are rewarded in the final stage of the triple event – Pärnu Beach Race. “It is worth the effort, because these three medals form a visually beautiful and colorful set. As always, the finishers of all events will additionally receive a “triple event series” medal which is particularly outstanding this year,” Mäe added, pointing out that it is time to make a thorough plan for the race season.

LuitejooksFor the joy of dog lovers

On the race morning, at 9.00 Canicross is planned, where dog owners with their dogs will pass the 5.4 km technically demanding and exciting course. The rules of the competition is that the dog must be harnessed. There are only 110 participants on the track, so registration shall not be left to the last minute.

Those who prefer a more peaceful pace can choose 8.3 km track, where no time is taken and there is no ranking. The start is given at 13.05.

Children of different ages on the track

The Dune Race Day also offers a great opportunity for younger family members. Free races for children up to 11 years old are planned. Every child who finishes will receive a diploma and a surprise from race partners. Parents who are planning to participate in Dune Race or Nordic Walking can leave their children in the day care on site.

The flat track in the beginning is often deceptive

750 sports fans are expected to start the race at 13.00. In addition to strong enthusiasts, those who consider the daily movement important and are regular trainers are welcome to start. However, those who are still afraid of the race can choose (Nordic) walking, as it is possible to choose between a timed and non timed option.

Having a previous experience of the Dunce Race, it is known that wise don’t rush. However, for the first time on the track, it is worth planning the tactics in advance, as the first kilometers of flat asphalt and gravel roads turn into hilly-curvy forest track after 3 kilometers, culminating in the highest sand dunes of Estonia. You can find the race map here.


Registration is opened on the website until April 17th. On the race day one can register on the site. Check out the entry fees and the program.