16 April  2022
11.00-15.00 Handing out race materials in Pärnu Keskus Competition Center (Aida 7, Pärnu)

17  April 2022
Opening of the competition center in Rannametsa

9.00-9.45 Registration to the canicross (5.4 km) and handing out race materials
9.00-12.45 Registration to the dune race, (Nordic) walking and dog walking (8.3 km) and handing out race materials
10.00 Start of canicross
10.20 The arrival of the first participants of canicross
11.00 Award ceremony of canicross
12.30 Opening of the start area of ​​the Dune Race and (Nordic) walking
12.40 MyFitness warm-up
13.00 Start of Dune Race and (Nordic) walking
13.05 Start of dog walking
13.25 Arrival of the first contestants
14.00 MyFitness stretching
14.15 Award ceremony
15.00 Closing of the finish


Run or walk at a favourable time and place

Dune Race 8.3 km
Canicross 5.4 km