On August 9, new restrictions were imposed by the Government of Estonia: before entering the fenced competition center, the participant must provide the organizer with a COVID-19 certificate showing that he/she has been vaccinated, has a negative test result or recovered from Covid-19. Due to the economic impact of complying with the restrictions, the low interest of the participants and the arrival of the third wave of the virus, the board of Pärnu Two Bridges Club has decided to only organise a virtual event.

Virtual races are scheduled from August 23 to September 19. The program includes:
* Pärnu Evening Race 3 km
* Two Bridges Race 10 km
* Two Bridges Race 21 km. It is possible to complete the distance in combination, i.e. the distances of different days are summed up and a total of 21 km must be completed.

The race can be completed by running, walking or Nordic walking. If you want, you can complete the distance even in the gym or at home on a treadmill – exactly the way you like it. All participants will receive a medal with a special design.


If you have been registered for Jüri Jaanson’s Two Bridges and / or Pärnu Evening Race, you have the following options:

1. According to the instructions of the triple event, the Two Bridges Race and the Evening Race, the participants will be automatically entered into the start protocol of the virtual Two Bridges Race and / or Pärnu Evening Race by August 20. It is not necessary to contact the organizer separately.

2. Those who have registered for the triple event are still in the game: during the Two Bridges Race everyone will receive “a participation in the virtual race” as a result. The ranking will be determined on the basis of the results of Pärnu Beach Race (in case it takes place).

3. If the participant wishes to transfer his / her entry fee to the next year or request a refund, send an email to info@2silda.ee.