Thank you for registering for Jüri Jaanson’s Two Bridges Race! To make that day enjoyable for everyone please read the details below. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program and conditions set out in this guide.

Competition centre at Pärnu Keskus (Aida tn 7)
31.08 at 12.00-18.00
01.09 at 12.00-18.00
Competition centre at Endla Theatre (Keskväljak 1)
2.09 at 16.00-21.00 (at the square in front of the theatre)
3.09 at 10.00-11.45 (at the theatre lobby)

Race materials are handed out on the basis of bib number, i.e. start materials are sorted by the numbers, not by names. Therefore, please check your number from the start protocol in advance! Protocols with start numbers will be published on the website of the Two Bridges Club latest on August 31st at 11.00.

In case of lost, damaged or forgotten race bib a new bib must be bought from secretariat to start the race. NB! Fee for the new race bib is 5€.

PARKING: Parking in the public city areas in Pärnu is free of charge on weekends. For private parking areas (e.g. Europark) the rules and the prices of the service provider apply. Please carefully follow the parking signs. You can get acquainted with the parking arrangement in Pärnu here.

TRAFFIC CONTROL: The Old Bridge of Pärnu is closed during the race start at 11.55-12.15. Also the streets around Vaasa park area are closed.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: In relation to car-free weekend, public transportation is free of cost in Pärnu during August 30th to September 8th.

TOILETS: Are placed in the competition centre.

CHANGEROOM: Tents are placed in the competition centre.

BAGGAGE SERVICE: Attended cloakroom is located in a tent in front of Endla Theatre. The baggage service will be operational from 10.00 to 14.15.

START: Is given at 12.00 in the competition centre in Vaasa Park. Start corridors are opened at 11.30.

START GROUPS: Each participant must start the race from the respective start groups (based on the bib number), otherwise the contestant is disqualified. Enter the right start corridor in time.

Start group division:
I group 1 – 100
II group 101 – 300
III group 301 – 600
IV group 601 – 1000
V group 1001 – …
VI group – timed (Nordic) walkers
VII group – non-timed (Nordic) Walkers
VIII group – participants with strollers and wheelchairs

ROUTE: 10K distance runs mainly on asphalted light traffic roads. Distance markers are placed along every 1km of the race route. The course is measured in accordance with the rules of the IAAF and the AIMS.

TIMING: An electronic timekeeping chip is attached to the back side of the bib. Please check it before the start! The number must be worn on chest and be visible throughout the whole race. Only the contestants with valid personal start number are allowed to participate. Please do not fold the number nor remove the chip. The chip deactivates automatically after finishing the race; no need to return it. Timing service is provided by ChampionChip Eesti OÜ.

SERVICE ON TRACK: First aid on the route and in the competition centre is coordinated by Pärnu Ambulance and Medical volunteers. In case you see a participant in need, please inform a service point, Medial workers, organisers or call on 112. There are 2 service points (SP) on the route where sports drink and water is offered. Service points are organised in cooperation with Pärnu Rowing Club (3,3 K) and Pärnu Rowing centre Kalev (6,3K).

CATERING: Provided on presenting of bib number. Menu: Põltsamaa soup, Farmi Skyr and a piece of bread.

FINISH: Is closed at 14.00. Sports drink and water are provided.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Garbage must be placed in the designated waste bins. Please follow the labels on the litter bins.

WASHING FACILITIES: Service is provided until 15 o’clock  in the Sports hall of Pärnu City Schools (Kuninga 29).

MEDAL: All finishers will receive a medal. In the finish area engraving service is provided for 5 € (cash only). The service is provided by Auhinnapood OÜ (www.auhinnapood.ee).

AWARD CEREMONY: Starts at 13.15. Prizes are awarded to the top three in general ranking (both in men’s and women’s ranking) as well as winners in each age group. Raffle prizes for runners and walkers.

RESULTS, PHOTOS AND DIPLOMAS: The results can be checked using the scanner in the competition centre and will be published as informal results on the website of the Two Bridges. The real-time results will appear on the homepage of ChampionChip Eesti OÜ. The final results (with a diploma) will be published latest on September 8th at 17.00 on organizer’s web page (a public document). The organizer has the right to use and publish all the photos and videos made by the organizer for marketing purposes.

AFTER THE RACE: Upon request, prizes that are not picked up will be delivered at the expense of the recipient after the race. The prizes can be picked up from the information centre of Pärnu Keskus from September 5th to September 17th on the basis of an identity document.

INFO: Prior and after the event, information is found on the organiser’s website www.2silda.ee or can be requested by sending an email to info@2silda.ee. In case of questions during the race day, feel free to turn to information desk in Endla Theatre and Vaasa Park.

CONTESTANT’S RESPONSIBILITY: Each participant is responsible for her/his health condition and ensures he/she is physically fit to complete the chosen distance. In case of a health problem contestant must cancel the race and turn to aid station or first aid station, contact the organisers, or call 112.


  • Relax and do not start when tired.
  • Drink enough water and choose appropriate meals.
  • Check the weather conditions and get dressed accordingly.
  • In case of hot weather wear light coloured hat. Choose suitable pace and avoid hypertension.
  • Drink enough liquids in the service points.

MEDICAL CHECK: We recommend having a health check prior to the race. Health check can be done at family or sports physician.

Day before the Two Bridges race, on September 2,  at Vaasa park

FREE CHILDREN’S RACE: Registration and handing out race materials is between 16.00-18.55. Starts are given from 17.30 to 19.15.

PÄRNU EVENING RACE: Registration and handing out race materials is between 16.00-20.45 o’clock. Start is given at 21.00.

FREE WHEELCHAIR RACE: Registration and handing out race materials is between16.00-16.20 o’clock. Start is given at 16.30.