In order to call attention of the people and authorities of Pärnu City to the banks of Pärnu River and the need for their maintenance, several well-known townsmen, led by Olympic medalist Jüri Jaanson organized the Two Bridges Race in 2001. NGO Pärnu Two Bridges Club was founded on 2nd of October in 2002 with the aim of organizing sport events and developing sports tracks of high quality.

To the public the Club is mostly known as the organizer of sport events. The NGO has initiated the triple event that includes Rannametsa Dune Race, Jüri Jaanson’s Two Bridges Race and Pärnu Beach Race (until 2015 Two Stadiums Race). The goal is to motivate recreation fans to do sports regularly during the season and to offer the joy of movement to the whole family. Since 2015 Victory day Marathon is organized. In 2018 the marathon carries the name Marathon the Republic of Estonia 100.