Jüri Jaanson’s Two Bridges Race and Evening Race
Virtual running and walking guide 2023

1. Objectives
● Promote physical activity among participants of different ages.
● Offer the opportunity to move at a favourable time and place.

2. Organiser
NGO Pärnu Two Bridges Club in cooperation with sponsors.

3. Time
19.08.2023 at 00.00 until 10.09.2023 at 23.59.

4. Location
At a favourable place anywhere in the world.

5. Distances
●  Run and walk 10 km (Two Bridges Race)
● Run and walk 3 km (Evening Race)

NB! The distance can be completed by running, walking (including treadmill) or Nordic walking.

6. Confirmation of participation
Participation is based on the participant’s name in the start protocol. Before starting, the participant must make sure she/he is registered.  Participation must be uploaded by clicking on the icon next to the participant’s name in the start protocol by September 13th at the latest.

This can be done in two ways:
● Automatic: Upload data files in fit, gpx, tcx or pwx format exported by the most common sports watches and applications (such as Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Endomondo, Strava, Fitbit, etc.).
● Manual: Manually enter a jpg file. If necessary, a link to save the performance is added.

The participant can upload the result several times during the event (for example, the reason may be a better result). When uploading a new file, the previously entered result is automatically overwritten (even if the new result is slower).

NB! If the participant does not enter the result in time, it is not possible to add the result later.

7. Participation display and electronic diploma
Participants are displayed in the finish protocol in real time. No ranking between the participants, so the times have a symbolic meaning. The diploma can be downloaded by clicking on the icon next to the participant’s name.

8. Registration and re-registration:
8.1. Registration will take place at www.2silda.ee until 10.09.2023 at 18.00.

8.2. The request for re-registration (either name or distance) shall be sent to the e-mail info@2silda.ee until 10.09.2023 at 18.00. There will be no re-registration later.
8.3. Re-registration from the virtual distance to the physical (and vice versa) takes place only until 30.08.2023 at 23.59. To re-register, send a request to info@2silda.ee.
8.4. Re-registration is free until July 31, 2023. From 01.08.2023 the re-registration fee is 5 EUR. There may be an additional difference in entry fees.
8.5. The basis for entry in the list of participants is the start fee received. For those who have paid by the invoice, the payment is due 2 working days and the payment of entry fee is also checked within 2 working days. Participants who have paid via the bank link will be entered in the start protocol immediately.

9. Entry fees

Distance Until 10.09.2023
3, 10 km 20 EUR

Prices include 20% VAT. In case of cancellation, the entry fee will not be refunded.

10. Entry fee includes:
●  A medal with race symbols;
●  Electronic race number;
●  A result in the finish protocol;
●  A diploma with the name and time of the participant;
●  A special participation medal will be given to the participants of three races (Dune Race, Two Bridges Race, Pärnu Beach Race);
● Donation to charity.

11. Posting the medal
The medal will be mailed at the expense of the organizer to the Estonian postal address indicated when entering the results or will be handed out in Pärnu Keskus Taluturg (Aida 7, Pärnu) 19.08.-10.10.2023. Taluturg is open Mo-Sat at 10-20.00 and on Sun at 10-18.00. When sending abroad, the post office postage price list will be added.

NB! The posting of medals will start on August 25th, but not earlier than 5 days after entering the result.

12. General
● Virtual participation is based on the rules of fair play and own responsibility;
● The participant is responsible for his / her health condition;
●  The use of transport to complete the distance is prohibited;
●  The distance must be completed at once.

13. Rights of the organizer
13.1. The start and finish protocols of all sports events organized by the Club are public documents. The start and finish protocol will be published on the Organizer’s website. The organizer is only responsible for the accuracy of the information published in its official information channels (website, Facebook, Youtube).
13.2. The organizer has the right to use and publish the photos and video recordings made by the organizer and sent by the participants for marketing purposes.
13.3. The organizer has the right to send to all registered participants a reminder before the event and a follow-up letter with the feedback questionnaire after the event. Corresponding newsletters are sent to the email entered to the registration form. Unsubscribing is not possible.
13.4. Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, your personal data will only be used for the purpose for which you have entrusted these data to us. Furthermore, no personal data will be passed on to third parties.
13.5. By registering and paying the entry fee, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions in this guide and confirms that he/she is sufficiently trained and healthy to participate in the event.
13.6. The organizer has the right to change the conditions set out in the guide, if the situation so requires.
13.7. Matters not covered in the instructions are solved by a panel of judges, which includes the chief organizer and the head of the secretariat.

In case of additional questions, please contact:
Kadri Riitsaar
Head of the Secretariat