On Sunday, October 27th Pärnu Beach Race, marking the end of the season of Pärnu Two Bridges Club, brought together 1346 sports fans despite the storm and rain. A new record for participants was born. According to the preliminary data, 769 runners and 207 walkers completed 10 km distance. 127 sports enthusiasts finished 5K distance and 243 youngsters competed in the children’s race.

Karl Mäe from Altius Sports Club won the 10K distance with 32.09.2. Timmo Jeret representing Veloteek finished second with 33.58,7 and Reimo Oja (34.27,0) finished third.

“This season has been very volatile. I wanted to put myself to test in Pärnu and started my pace right from the start. The race turned to be extreme – strong winds swirled everywhere and made it quite difficult,” Mäe said just after the finish.

Among the women, Maria Veskla from Sparta Sports Club came first with 38.41.5 (21st place in general ranking). Second was Anu Piiroja, representing her own running group (Anu Jooksutrennid) with 39.06.2 and third was Kadiliis Kuiv (40.05,8) from Prorunner Sports Club.

“The Beach Race turned out to be very extreme. I cannot remember anything similar from my previous experience. Of course I am happy about the victory,” said Veskla, who came to the summer capital from Harju County.

Pärnu Beach Race was also the final stage of the triple event of Pärnu Two Bridges Club. In addition, the series includes Dunce Race and Jüri Jaanson’s Two Bridges Race. In the consolidated ranking, the fastest among men were Martin Tamm (total time 01:41.08,5), Enari Tõnström (01:41.24,7) and Martin Tarkpea (01:41.40,9). Among women the fastest were Anu Piiroja (01:51.52,6), Liliana Torn (01:53.58,0) and Kadiliis Kuiv (01:54.03,6).

The preliminary results of Pärnu Beach Race can be found here. The final results will be published latest on November 2nd. The photo gallery will be published latest on October 29th.

Pärnu Two Bridges Club thanks all the participants, volunteers, sponsors and partners! See you in 2020!

Registration for the next year’s races will open on December 1st, 2019.
Book the following dates in your calendar already today:
Dune Race 19.04.2020
Jüri Jaanson’s Two Bridges Race 5.-6.09.2020
Pärnu Beach Race 25.10.2020