Canicross 2019

1. Objective
*  To offer the joy of movement for everyone – irrespective of age or athletic form.
*  To introduce the nature of Luitemaa.
*  To promote sportive lifestyle.

2. Organizer
NGO Minu Sõber and Pärnu Two Bridges Sports Club in cooperation with the sponsors.

3. Date and place
April 21st, 2019 in Luitemaa Nature Reserve, Rannametsa village

4. Competition center, start, finish, track, service on track
4.1. Competition center is in Rannametsa village, Häädemeeste parish
4.2. Start and finish: Start is given at 10.00. Start and finish are in the same place. Contestants start with 10 second intervals based on the results of canicross 2018. The ones who wish to walk with their dogs, start is given at 13.05 after (Nordic) walkers.
4.3. The track is on varied surface. The route passes through village roads and a unique dune landscape. The course is ca 5.4 km; dune race length is 8.3 km, the route is marked.
4.3.1. Service on track: There is one refreshment station on the route (water, sports drink).
4.3.2. First aid is available along the course. When seeing someone injured, please inform the service point, medical aid workers, the organizers or call on 112. First aid is provided by medical volunteers and Pärnu Ambulance.
4.3.3. Veterinary is located in first aid station.

5. Requirements for canicross
5.1.  Dogs must be harnessed on track! Leash can be used, and it can be kept in hand or attached to waist belt (not recommended to use flexi leash).
5.2. Dogs must be at least 12 months of age. Younger dogs are not allowed on track.

6. Requirements for dog walking
6.1. Dogs must be harnessed on track, either collared or attached to leash (flexi can be used).
6.2. Dogs must be at least 12 months of age. Younger dogs are not allowed on track.

7.  Distances
Canicross 5,4 km – Timed

Dog walking 8,3 km – Non-time

8. Timing
An electronic timekeeping chip is attached to the back side of the bib. Please check it before the start! Only the contestants with the personal start number are allowed to participate. The number must be worn on chest and be visible throughout the whole race. Please do not fold the number nor remove the chip. The chip deactivates automatically after finishing the race and it is no need to return it to the organizer. Please do not cover the bib with your hand while finishing (e.g. for stopping running watch), otherwise the time might not get fixed.

9. Age groups

Age group Birth year Age group Birth year
Boys 2005-2007 (12-14 y/o) Girls 2005-2007 (12-14 y/o)
Male junior 2001-2004 (15-18 y/o) Female junior 2001-2004 (15-18 y/o)
Men 1980-2000 (19-39 y/o) Women 1980-2000 (19-39 y/o)
Male veteran Born in 1979 and older (40+ y/o) Female veteran Born in 1979 and older (40+ y/o)


10. Registration

10.1. Registration possibilities
10.1.1.  Pre-registration on the website until 17.04.2019 at 23.59.
10.1.2.  Pre-registration in Pärnu keskus (information centre) 17.04.2019 at 18.00.
10.1.3.  On the race day on site at 09.00-09.45 (canicross) and 9.00-12.45 (dog walking).
10.1.4.  Limited number of participants – 110. Once this limit is reached, registration will be closed.

10.2. Collectives, sports clubs / schools
10.2.1.  Counting from ten members there is a discount of -15%. Discount applies when all members of the team / sports club register at the same time. No double discounts (e.g. senior / youth discount plus group discount).
10.2.2.  Please use the general registration form – in the beginning of registration one can choose the number of persons one would like to register. After that you can add the data of the participants. When pressing the button “apply data of participant nr 1 on all participants”, the same address, club / company will be applied on all. To pay with the invoice, please choose the relevant option and fill all the required fields. Invoice will be sent via email and after the payment all participants will be registered.

11. Entry fees

Canicross I round
II round
on site
Adults 15 EUR 20 EUR 40 EUR
Seniors from 60 y/o and the young 20 y/o (included) 11 EUR 16 EUR 40 EUR
Dog walking I round
II round
on site
Adults 11 EUR 15 EUR 30 EUR
Seniors from 60 y/o and the young 20 y/o (included) 8,8 EUR 12 EUR 30 EUR

All prices include VAT 20%. Entry fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation the registration. No discounts for seniors, youth and groups on the race day.

12. Entry fee includes:
*  Race number;
*  A chip (except for non-timed distance);
*  A medal;
An electronic diploma with name, personal time and place / participation diploma for non-timed distance;
*  A sports drink;
*  A meal;
*  Washing facilities;
*  Service on track;
*  First aid;
*  Luggage storage.     

13. Re-registration
Re-registration is only allowed until April 17th, 2019 at 23.59. Re-registration is free of cost (except price difference when changing between timed / non-timed race; price difference won’t be compensated in the opposite case). To re-registrate please send an email to

14. Free transportation to the race area
The organizer has organised special shuttle buses from Pärnu to Rannametsa. The buses leave at 11.00 from hotel “Pärnu”, stop in Raeküla at 11.10. A seat in the bus can be booked from April 1st until April 17th at 23.59. In case of available places, seats can be booked also later. Ticket is checked when entering the bus. In public transport, the dog must have a leash and a mouthpiece, except for pets that are in a carrier. The carrier must fit in your lap or under the seat.

15. Giving out the start materials
15.1. Veterinary passport must be presented to take out start materials!
15.2. In the competition centre in Pärnu keskus 20.04.2019, opened from 10.00-16.00.
15.3. On the race day on site in Rannametsa at 9.00-12.45

16. Results
The (non-official) results can be checked using a scanner in the competition center and will be published on the website of the Two Bridges Club on not later than on 21st of April at 19.00. The final results confirmed by the judges will be published on the website not later than 26th of April at 17.00. Real time results are published on the website of (timekeeping service provider ChampionChip Eesti OÜ).

17. Washing facilities
On presentation of the bib in Häädemeeste Sports Center (Kooli 10, Häädemeeste).

18. Award ceremony
Top three in all age categories will receive the prize.

19. Photographing
The organizer has the right to use and publish all the photos and videos made by the organizer for marketing purposes.

20. Appeals
All appeals against results, violations etc. must be filed in within two hours after the finish is closed at 15.00. Appeal fee is 50 EUR which is refunded only if the appeal is satisfied. Appeals are handled by the jury that consists of the chief organizer, the head judge, and the head of secretariat. Other unforeseen cases are resolved by the Organizing Committee. Organizers reserve the right to change the terms listed in the guide, if the situation requires it.

21. General
21.1. Dogs with poor health or injured are not allowed to compete.
21.2. Dogs must be vaccinated in accordance with requirements (hydrophobia, complex vaccine). Random check is taken on microchips. Please bring veterinary passport with you.
21.3. Dogs must be harnessed on the competition area. Please follow the general good principles of animal welfare and clean up after your dog. Please show respect towards other participants. For safety reasons please keep an eye on your dog.
21.4. Each participant is responsible for her/his health condition.
21.5. Please follow the reminder for the participants that will be published on the website latest two weeks before the event.

22. Rights of the organizer
22.1. The organizer has the rights to disqualify the participant in case he/she doesn’t follow the regulations of the event, disturbs other participants or prevents the event in any other way.
22.2. All protocols of the events organized by Two Bridges Sports Club are public documents. Start protocols will be published on the website of the Organizer and timekeeping service provider. Finishing protocols will be published on the website of the Organizer, timekeeping service provider and protocols of running distances in the newspaper Pärnu Postimees. The organizer is only responsible for the information published in its official channels (webpage, Facebook, YouTube).
22.3. The organizer has the right to send to all registered participants a reminder before the event and, after the event, the follow-up letter with the feedback questionnaire. Corresponding newsletters are sent to the e-mail entered by the participant to the registration form. Unsubscribing is not possible.
22.4. Your personal data will only be used for the purpose for which you have entrusted these data to us. Furthermore, no personal data will be passed on to third parties.
22.5. Force Majeure (FM) – force of nature and other reasons beyond the control of the organizers may cause changes in the program. If the race is cancelled due to FM, the registration fee is not refunded!
22.6. By registering and paying the registration fee, the participant agrees with the terms in this guide and confirms good health.

In case of questions please contact:
Anni Kaiste
Project Manager
5552 3017