On Sunday, October 22, the Pärnu Beach Race, which celebrated the end of the Season of the Two Bridge Club, brought together 1277 sports enthusiasts to enjoy the sunny and beautiful autumn day.

According to preliminary data, 601 runners and 175 nordic walkers/walkers went on the 10 km track 49 people participated in the 5 km open track race, 452 children participated in children’s races.

Karl Mäe, representative of Altius sports club, won the 10 km distance with 32.50. The second place went to with a score of 32.54 to Sparta representative Roman Hvalynsky and, the third place went to Indrek Tobreluts, time 32.56.

“It was hard to run. I kept a constant pace and on the 6th kilometer I hooked up with Roman Hwański.  Then we worked together for a wihle, and before the finish I managed to be a bit quicker than Roman”, said Mäe in the finish.

The winner in womens rankig was Maris Terno, representative of the sports club Saue Tammed, time 38.47. The second place went to Minna Kuslap from Running Partner, time 40.14 and the third place went to Liliana Torn (40.43).

The Pärnu Beace  Race was also the final part of the triennial event of the Pärnu Two Bridge Club. A total of 312 sports enthusiasts participated in the series. In three-run summary, the first place went to Timmo Jeret (total time 1: 37.55), second place went to Frank Reinhold (1:39.44) and third to Martin Tarkpea (1: 41.18). In womens ranking the first place went to  Minna Kuslap (1: 55.47), second place to Liliana Tower (1: 56.56) and third to Anu Teppo (2: 00.35).

The final results of the Pärnu Beach Race can be found on the Two Bridges Club homepage.
Pärnu Two Bridges Club thanks all participants, volunteers, supporters and partners!