This year Rannametsa Dune race will take place on 16. April and it will be the 10th Rannametsa Dune Race.

The first Dune Race took place in 2008 and since then its popularity as risen every year. As usual, Dune Race has 8,3K run, 8,3K timed and not nimed nordic walking track, canicross and childrens races. The estimated number of participants is over 1500 sports fans.

Compared with the previous year, the race center has been moved out of  Vana-Riia highways parking lot, making more room for commercial activities and My Fitness warm-up.

To promote environmental- friendly way of thinking, GoBus offers a free transport from Pärnu to Rannametsa and back. The free bus leaves in front of Hotel “Pärnu”.  To use the free transport, you must let us know when you register for an event.