October 26th
Giving out start materials in the competition center in Pärnu Keskus (Aida 7, Pärnu)

October 27st
Opening of the competition center on Pärnu Rannastaadion (Ranna pst 2, Pärnu)
10.00-11.15 Registering to the children’s race and giving out start materials
10.00-12.45 Registering and giving out start materials
11.00 Start of children’s race
12.15 Award ceremony of children’s race
12.30 Opening of race corridors
12.45 Warm-up by MyFitness
13.00 START 10 km timed race as well as both timed and non-timed (Nordic) Walking
13.20 START 5 km non-timed race and (Nordic) walking

13.30 First finishers

14.30 Award ceremony and raffle prizes
15.00 The finish line will close