To upload the results, you must be registered for the Two Bridges race event(s) (5 or 10 km, 3 km Two Bridges youth race, wheelchair race).

UPLOADING OF RESULTS (no later than 19.09 at 23:59)

  • Go to the start protocol and find your name.
  • Click “add result” (in Estonian LISA TULEMUS) next to the name in the far right column. Then enter your result: select the event and distance you’ve registered for.
  • Choose whether to upload the result as a file or manually.


  • Select Choose File and then select the appropriate file from your device to upload the result.
  • Suitable file formats are fit, gpx and tcx. Most common sports watches and applications have the option to download files in at least one of the formats mentioned above. If the file meets all the parameters of the event (start and end time, minimum distance, etc.), but it cannot be uploaded, please contact the organizing team by e-mail
  • NB! To successfully upload the result, the AUTOSTOP function on sports watches / web applications must be switched off. If you stop for more than 3 seconds for some reason, the sportwatch will stop counting the time (note that this is not the case at classic race events).
  • NB! Check the battery level of the sports watch or device in advance.
  • NB! You can upload the result several times during the event (for example, a better result). In this case, the latest loaded result is added to the protocol (the previous one is overwritten).
  • NB! If you haven’t downloaded sports watch files before, test before heading to the virtual race event.


  • To upload a result manually, click “enter result manually”.
  • Enter the start time (date and time) and distance completed (equal to the distance of the event). If you do not know the exact time (for example, you ran more), enter the distance and the total time.
  • To prove the correctness of the uploaded result, take a picture of your result and upload it.

Garmin, Polar, Suunto (Android), Suunto (IOS), Endomondo, Strava, Fitbit
In case you are using a device in which the above-mentioned files cannot be downloaded or the files are in another format, send an email to

After uploading the results the following additional information will be required.

  • If you purchased a race package with a medal, enter your post address to receive the medal. Medals will be posted from September 10, but not earlier than 5 days after entering the result. If you want to receive the medal from the information desk of Pärnu Center (downtown shopping center at Aida 7, Pärnu), select that option. The medals can be picked up from September 1 from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • If you purchased a race package with a shirt and medal, enter the parcel machine with the name of the service provider, the location of the parcel machine and your phone number (for example: Pärnu Mai Selver’s Itella smartpost, tel. 56 609…). The shirt and medal will be posted during October.
  • When uploading the result, you can optionally also upload photos. Take the opportunity and share your experiences with others. The organizer has the right to use these photos in its own channels (Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.) for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact
The partner of Pärnu Two Bridges Club in developing the results uploading service is GoAndRun.