The medal of this year’s Pärnu County Victory Day Marathon is dedicated to a special place: on Independence Square in Pärnu stands a dignified balcony monument of the Endla Theatre, symbolizing the place where the Estonian Independence Manifesto was first read to the public on February 23rd, 1918. It is also the place where, for many years – always on June 22nd – tired marathon runners could be greeted and the best of them have received awards around their necks.

This year the marathon will be different as it takes place virtually. To commemorate Pärnu and the marathon with a special aura, every e-marathon participant (on 21- or 42-kilometer distance) will receive a dignified medal to their collection. The 70-mm diameter medal in 2D format has a unique blue-black-white design ribbon.


The 10-kilometer Pärnu Summer Run, which takes place for the first time, is virtual this year: the participant runs or walks the distance in a place close to his heart. Perhaps in Pärnu? We will send a reward after completing the challenge. The 60-mm diameter Summer Race medal in 2D format symbolizes Pärnu as a cozy summer capital, sunny and a pleasant holiday destination.

Medals are designed by Triin Lepa.